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imageimageimageimageWe got Milo the cat 9 months ago.He has truely been the best cat ever!We bought him lots of toys and lots of cat things.I even made a kitty corner for him.We got Milo for my birthday.He is the cutest cat I’ve ever had.We love him.


When I was in Minnesota I was riding my scooter when I saw a snake and ran inside. Then my cousin Elsie came and picked it up.We looked up what the snake was called on the internet and it was a Garter Snake! We named it Bob and we played with him and we cared for him so much that we took him in the room above the garage and played with him. Then he got thrown out in the woods. Then me and my mom were searching until my mom found a snake and we named it Fred but then we slowly changed his name to Pinecone and we made a perfect habitat for him. Then one day we let him go because he was very hungry even though I fed him worms. I hope I can find Pinecone and Bob again!

imageYesterday I went to the lake! I went on the paddle board and sat down. It felt kind of Good! I went on the hot dog and I was pushing people off and we were having a blast. My cousin Elsie pushed me off. The water was freezing! I loved the hotdog. Later I found a frog then I took pictures of it and let it go. I had so much fun yesterday!

I really miss Costa Rica with my grandma and the cats and the dog. But I am going to Minnesota today. I hope to sleep in the room on top of the garage.I have to go a 3 hour ride on the plane to Minnesota! That is a long time for me. I hope to do something fun!I hope I will have a great time in Minnesota!Image

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Our vacation is over and I am back in Arizona but before we left Costa Rica we went to bat cave. We had to walk through the tides to get to the cave. When we were walking I stepped on a few sea urchins but I was okay because I had very thick shoes on.When we got to the  cave there were bats everywhere so we took a few photos and left. I had lots of fun maybe we can do it next year.

imageA couple days ago I went on a two hour drive to Punta Islita to see the macaws at the ARA Project. There was a tour guide there that showed us stuff and told us what they eat. They eat pods of seeds and a green thing that is shaped like a cherry. We also saw them eating. They were mean to each other because they kept on pushing each other away from the food. I liked seeing the birds and hope I can see them again next year!

Baby turtle

Baby turtle

Today I went to the beach at Ostional to look for turtles. We looked in all the holes on the beach and we still could not find any baby turtles. The vultures were eating all the turtle eggs. So we walked around and scared all the vultures away.  Then there was this guy digging holes to see if any were still alive and……he found some!  There was one turtle that touched me with its flipper and he touched a rock too, so I took the rock to remember him. We watched all the baby turtles go to the shore and drift of to the water. I am glad I got to help protect the turtles!

Big tree

Big tree

Today we went to see this tree that crushed someones car when it fell.  That tree was huge! Also it is hollow so I got to get in it. And my brother too. It was the biggest tree I have ever seen. It is here in Nosara near a high school.They cut the tree in parts so you could see. When I went in the tree I saw that there was a huge amount of bugs. But I stayed calm. The tree was bigger than a car. Your car would look like a toy car standing by the tree. It fell like two days ago. And it was 350 years old. I like that tree!

Yesterday i went in the kitchen and looked to get a apple when I saw the weirdest thing!It was a double banana. It was like they were twin banana’s ! They were combined together and had 1 stem.It was so gross and weird at the same time. We just got it at “Super Nosara.”But I did not know that the banana was in the bag at the time!This was scary and gross. I wonder what tree it came from?

The weird banana

The weird banana

A couple days ago I saw some monkeys in the trees when we were walking the dog.I took a couple of pictures then the next day after that I passed by a momma monkey with a baby but I did not have my camera. So I ended up not taking a picture of it.In the morning the monkeys woke me up because they are howler monkeys and howl all day long. But they are still nice! I see them eating mangos of the trees every day.They are great! Image


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