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Which Is More Cute?

Which Is More Cute?

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree


I have drawn so many pictures that I can’t even find some of them still. For easter I drew a regular bunny and a CUTE BUNNY.

I can’t decide which Picture is Cuter? In the comments put which picture you think is the CUTEST.Sadly The Peas Died Because an animal ate them :(. But then we planted Tomato’s. We planted them like a week ago and they have grown really fast!! There are 9 tomato’s growing on it so far.We also grew baby watermelons but somehow they did not pop up out of the ground. For the last thing today we cut down the olive tree because it had a disease and we got a “LEMON TREE!”.We had to water it a lot.It’s still a baby Lemon Tree.

Today I shared my Arizona Alive story with my class on a microphone. Will Clipman – http://www.willclipman.com/      ,Helped the class write their stories. They are fiction story’s. Here is my story

The La Paz Gold Rush

Hi my name is Marsaw String.  I am a 3 year old cat.  I always sit down and think about what I can Invent.  I’ve been working on a time machine.  I’ve been having visions of what I would set the time machine to.  I’d set it to go to the La Paz gold rush in 1862.  1 year later………… I’ve finally made the time machine.  Time To Test It Out!

It worked i’m in the La Paz gold rush in year 1862.Look at this view of the town.  I’m hiding on a very steep hill.  Actually I’m on rich hill where gold was discovered.  I went down the hill and went to the town.  I met another cat named Ginger.  ”How did you get here?’’,I asked. ”Time Travel’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”Me too but I thought I was the First Cat to create a time machine’’,I Cried.  ”Sorry but no’’,said Ginger.  So Marsaw and Ginger quickly became friends.  ”I have no way of getting back to year 2015 do I?’’,I said.  ”No’’,said ginger.  So I went on a cliff to admire the view when Suddenly ………The Ground was so dry it started to CRACK,and I stumbled down the mountain and ended up in a cave.  I was very,very Injured.  ”What is this place?’’,I said.  ’’A cave!’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”What where did you come from Ginger’’,I asked  .’’I saw you fall down a mountain and now I’m here to help!’’,said Ginger.

“Well thanks Ginger’’,I said.So me and Ginger went deeper into the cave.  Guess wh-at ……………

We found Gold!!!!! “Ginger how are we going to get gold if humans can’t understand us?’’

“Well I guess we can go to a few houses’’,Ginger said.While Marsaw and Ginger were walking they fell into a pit of quicksand!”Were all going to die!!’’,cried Ginger.Suddenly…………Marsaw had a vision of his kittenhood,and his mom saying “Always be Patient in life’’.”Ginger be patient’’,I yelled.”Ok”,Ginger yelled back.SO 10 minutes later Ginger and Marsaw get out of the quicksand and go into a house to sell the gold.

There was a lady with blue eyes.’’Hello?’’,I said.All she heard was “Meow’’.  So Obviously we had to go to a different house.  We went in and saw a lady with brown eyes,Brown hair and Sun tan skin.  ”Meow”,I said.Remember “Meow’’ means “Hello’ in Cat language.By the way her name is String.  ”Lets play with her’’,Ginger Laughed.”  She can hear us you know Ginger’’.  String was weird because she could speak cat!.’’Can we get money for this gold?’’.  “Yes here is 100 dollars’’,Said String.  So Marsaw and Ginger finally make all the time machine parts and travel back to year 2015.Marsaws mom came in……………………”Are you lost?’’,She said to Ginger.Guess what Ginger is now my brother.

So as you just heard we had this huge adventure to the La Paz gold Rush in 1862.

The End       By:Thomas Theiler

Today is Valentines Day!!I made a picture of Hearts around Milo.Today is Arizona’s Birthday too.Some people Celebrate this day by eating cacti.I have never ever tried cacti.I wonder if it tastes good?i always love when it comes to Valentines Day because it just feels good for some reason.And I can sometimes eat chocolate covered strawberry’s.Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Pea Plant Flower ready to grow into a pod

Pea Flower

Pea Plant

Pea Plant

About a week ago I bought some peas and they grew so so fast and some day I will have a lot of peas to take over the universe!Just Kidding.We put the peas next to a Cactus plant. Over The last few days there was A lot of FREEZE Warnings.So we had to cover the plants.Yesterday In Arizona It Was 37 Degrees.We had snow on the Mountains even when it was in Phoenix!I hope my peas don’t die! I can’t wait until they grow!

Today I am here In Arizona as usual and the Ball just about dropped.I am kind of sad to see year 2014 go. But 2015 might not be so bad. In Arizona right now it is not 2015 just yet because in New York the time is different so It is still 2014 yay.Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

On June 2014 I went to Costa Rica.But I am not there right now!So in this blog I am going to show you some of the things I forgot to post. The ZOO (Minnesota) Right after I went to Costa Rica I went to Minnesota. We went to this really big zoo! And we got to touch goats and cows and all sorts of other farm animals.It was so fun. There was these goats that were really really nice and I got to feed them and they were also friendly with Chase. Most of all the big part of the trip was The Parakeets in a big big like chicken coop wired room. So we got to go inside and they all ran away but when we purchased some food on the stick they all came flying everywhere and my toes were like being bitten off because the birds kept nibbling on them about a minute in there about my whole stick of food was gone! After that we saw camels and lions and raccoon’s in trees. It was so fun!

That is all the birds on the stick

That is all the birds on the stick

Friendly Goat

Friendly Goats

That's my bird

That’s my bird and all the other birds nibbling on my toes

Things I did in (Costa Rica) In June 4,2014 I went to Costa Rica.I went to Bella Vista Mar Hotel and saw huge bugs and went to see baby sea turtles and met horses. We always,always used to go to Cafe de Paris (cafe dei parieee). While I was in Costa RIca I found this interesting bug. It kind of looked like a caterpillar, but I don’t think it was. We also saw some horses when we were driving to a store named Super Nosara. Nosara is a small town in Costa Rica. There is also a dog named  Kayia she is always really nice and kind. She is a really good dog. She is my grandma’s dog. I love Costa Rica.


kaiya and me






imageimageimageimageToday I drew a Cat It was not an ordinary cat like some people draw mine was very detailed and shaded in correctly.I was very very happy with my work.I learned how to draw a cat on YouTube.It was really hard and kind of easy at the same time.At first I did not know how to draw my cats face because I could never get my circle right.I had to pause the video lots of times and made sure I had exactly what they drew so it could look good.It turned out really nice and it was a 3D cat.It first looked like it was floating in space but I put a circle around the bottom of the cat.The girl on YouTube that showed was ART – ALA – CARTE.I will show you a picture here. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheARTalaCARTE


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