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photo by Victor – Nosara

All day it was sunny but my mom kept saying there was an 80% chance of rain. We didn’t believe her. We had a good day, went to the beach, swam in the pool, had a good dinner that my dad made, played Uno and went to our rooms to watch movies! About 10 minutes later we heard the sound of rain on the tin roof. We thought “oh that’s not that bad”, then BOOM!! all this rain started pouring down and there was 5 lightning strikes per second!!!


photo by Fernando Edwards Carcamo – Nosara

Also if you did not know 15 seconds after a lightning strike comes thunder! So it was LOUD! The curtain was blowing and all you could see was blinding light out side the window! I was so scared! Then the thunder stopped and I thought “I think it is going away!”, but no!!!     BBBOOOOMMM!!!!
All of this thunder came down from the sky and I had to get to a different bed because my bed was close to the window! But after a while, like 3 hours it stopped and we all went to sleep but there was still some rain!

The next morning I woke up to go eat breakfast and can you even believe it the sidewalk and ground was covered in leaves, all the furniture was wet and so was the floor of the terrace. It was a real mess, but the sun was shining again. That was the worst storm ever that I’ve experienced in Costa Rica!

Yesterday I went to the Boca (means river mouth), with my dad and grandma searching for drift wood. We actually found some good pieces! We all thought, “We should cross that river to get more driftwood”, because there was a lot of drift wood on the beach! We found a perfect spot to cross and it was very hard because the river was pitch black and we could not see a thing! So, we each got a long stick and put the stick ahead of us so we would not fall into a hole! When we got to the middle of the river it started to get deep so we got a little bit wet!

Then we went further and there were all of these slippery mossy rocks and my dad slipped and fell in dunking his new iPhone 6 in the water.He managed to get back up but he had to go back! Grandma and I were kind of committed to cross because we were almost on the other side! Once we got there, we looked around and picked up some drift wood – but not that much, we were bummed because there weren’t that many good pieces.

Then…we both asked ourselves, “How are we going to get back to the other side??”. We looked and looked for a spot to cross, and we saw a fisherman cross but the water came up to his armpits so we couldn’t go there. Instead we just went the same way back and I’ve got to admit it was very scary but I focused on going slow and made it – even though I got wet!!

iphoneWhen we got back, my dad’s phone was like a piece of burning coal, It was super hot!, I thought it was going to explode but It didn’t. When we got back to the hotel we put it in dry rice and it did cool it off. However, it doesn’t turn on anymore. It is gone forever. Good thing my mom didn’t cancel the insurance on it!

So that’s my whole story of how my dad’s Iphone died!

Earthquake Data

Today there was an Earthquake and I was just sitting on the bed and the whole room started shaking, It was the first time I’ve ever felt an Earthquake because In Arizona the Earthquakes are so little you can’t even feel them! So I’ve decided to interview my family because I was in a different room then them!

Question #1 – Did you feel the Earthquake?
Mom: Yes…
Dad: Yes…

Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

Question #2 – Was it scary?
Mom: No…Dad: It was very strange!
Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

Question #3 – What did you think?
Mom: The wall shook!
Dad: I did not know it was an Earthquake!
Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

What would you do in Earthquake?

I’m here in Nosara, Costa Rica and this morning we saw that the Century Plant started blooming because of all of the rain last night!  We did some research and it said that the Century plant blooms once in it’s lifetime with a stalk that can grow as much as 15 to 20 feet high! We are going to see how fast it is going to shoot up! Chase is going to be the measuring guy so we can see how tall it is! Check out the arrow that shows how high it is today. To see the picture close up just click on it.

Today I’m going to COSTA RICA!, I’m so, so excited to go and have an adventure! Every time I’ve gone to Costa Rica I always have had a BLAST! I’m so excited to see Kaiya, Noche and lluvia! I also want to go to the beach and collect sea glass!

Me kind Of Hugging Milo

Me kind Of Hugging Milo

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day! Today show your furry friend some love in honor of this occasion.In Ancient Egypt, cats were revered and even worshiped as symbols of grace and poise. Hugging animals actually lowers your blood pressure. If you don’t have a Cat this month is “Adopt A Cat Month”, also you can hug your friends cat also! I have decided to hug Milo because I am a Cat Lover!!

Finally summer is here! , yesterday was the day when summer really started.  After school yesterday I went to my best friends birthday party at Big surf. It was so fun! , especially on the wave where we got rafts and we waited for the wave to come.  I’m kind of sad 😢 to leave my school because we have to go to a new school , I really do not want to go to a new school!  But today I get a free computer day so I’m playing club penguin! Summer is going to rock!!!




Which Is More Cute?

Which Is More Cute?

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree


I have drawn so many pictures that I can’t even find some of them still. For easter I drew a regular bunny and a CUTE BUNNY.

I can’t decide which Picture is Cuter? In the comments put which picture you think is the CUTEST.Sadly The Peas Died Because an animal ate them :(. But then we planted Tomato’s. We planted them like a week ago and they have grown really fast!! There are 9 tomato’s growing on it so far.We also grew baby watermelons but somehow they did not pop up out of the ground. For the last thing today we cut down the olive tree because it had a disease and we got a “LEMON TREE!”.We had to water it a lot.It’s still a baby Lemon Tree.

Today I shared my Arizona Alive story with my class on a microphone. Will Clipman – http://www.willclipman.com/      ,Helped the class write their stories. They are fiction story’s. Here is my story

The La Paz Gold Rush

Hi my name is Marsaw String.  I am a 3 year old cat.  I always sit down and think about what I can Invent.  I’ve been working on a time machine.  I’ve been having visions of what I would set the time machine to.  I’d set it to go to the La Paz gold rush in 1862.  1 year later………… I’ve finally made the time machine.  Time To Test It Out!

It worked i’m in the La Paz gold rush in year 1862.Look at this view of the town.  I’m hiding on a very steep hill.  Actually I’m on rich hill where gold was discovered.  I went down the hill and went to the town.  I met another cat named Ginger.  ”How did you get here?’’,I asked. ”Time Travel’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”Me too but I thought I was the First Cat to create a time machine’’,I Cried.  ”Sorry but no’’,said Ginger.  So Marsaw and Ginger quickly became friends.  ”I have no way of getting back to year 2015 do I?’’,I said.  ”No’’,said ginger.  So I went on a cliff to admire the view when Suddenly ………The Ground was so dry it started to CRACK,and I stumbled down the mountain and ended up in a cave.  I was very,very Injured.  ”What is this place?’’,I said.  ’’A cave!’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”What where did you come from Ginger’’,I asked  .’’I saw you fall down a mountain and now I’m here to help!’’,said Ginger.

“Well thanks Ginger’’,I said.So me and Ginger went deeper into the cave.  Guess wh-at ……………

We found Gold!!!!! “Ginger how are we going to get gold if humans can’t understand us?’’

“Well I guess we can go to a few houses’’,Ginger said.While Marsaw and Ginger were walking they fell into a pit of quicksand!”Were all going to die!!’’,cried Ginger.Suddenly…………Marsaw had a vision of his kittenhood,and his mom saying “Always be Patient in life’’.”Ginger be patient’’,I yelled.”Ok”,Ginger yelled back.SO 10 minutes later Ginger and Marsaw get out of the quicksand and go into a house to sell the gold.

There was a lady with blue eyes.’’Hello?’’,I said.All she heard was “Meow’’.  So Obviously we had to go to a different house.  We went in and saw a lady with brown eyes,Brown hair and Sun tan skin.  ”Meow”,I said.Remember “Meow’’ means “Hello’ in Cat language.By the way her name is String.  ”Lets play with her’’,Ginger Laughed.”  She can hear us you know Ginger’’.  String was weird because she could speak cat!.’’Can we get money for this gold?’’.  “Yes here is 100 dollars’’,Said String.  So Marsaw and Ginger finally make all the time machine parts and travel back to year 2015.Marsaws mom came in……………………”Are you lost?’’,She said to Ginger.Guess what Ginger is now my brother.

So as you just heard we had this huge adventure to the La Paz gold Rush in 1862.

The End       By:Thomas Theiler


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