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Today I shared my Arizona Alive story with my class on a microphone. Will Clipman – http://www.willclipman.com/      ,Helped the class write their stories. They are fiction story’s. Here is my story

The La Paz Gold Rush

Hi my name is Marsaw String.  I am a 3 year old cat.  I always sit down and think about what I can Invent.  I’ve been working on a time machine.  I’ve been having visions of what I would set the time machine to.  I’d set it to go to the La Paz gold rush in 1862.  1 year later………… I’ve finally made the time machine.  Time To Test It Out!

It worked i’m in the La Paz gold rush in year 1862.Look at this view of the town.  I’m hiding on a very steep hill.  Actually I’m on rich hill where gold was discovered.  I went down the hill and went to the town.  I met another cat named Ginger.  ”How did you get here?’’,I asked. ”Time Travel’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”Me too but I thought I was the First Cat to create a time machine’’,I Cried.  ”Sorry but no’’,said Ginger.  So Marsaw and Ginger quickly became friends.  ”I have no way of getting back to year 2015 do I?’’,I said.  ”No’’,said ginger.  So I went on a cliff to admire the view when Suddenly ………The Ground was so dry it started to CRACK,and I stumbled down the mountain and ended up in a cave.  I was very,very Injured.  ”What is this place?’’,I said.  ’’A cave!’’,exclaimed Ginger.  ”What where did you come from Ginger’’,I asked  .’’I saw you fall down a mountain and now I’m here to help!’’,said Ginger.

“Well thanks Ginger’’,I said.So me and Ginger went deeper into the cave.  Guess wh-at ……………

We found Gold!!!!! “Ginger how are we going to get gold if humans can’t understand us?’’

“Well I guess we can go to a few houses’’,Ginger said.While Marsaw and Ginger were walking they fell into a pit of quicksand!”Were all going to die!!’’,cried Ginger.Suddenly…………Marsaw had a vision of his kittenhood,and his mom saying “Always be Patient in life’’.”Ginger be patient’’,I yelled.”Ok”,Ginger yelled back.SO 10 minutes later Ginger and Marsaw get out of the quicksand and go into a house to sell the gold.

There was a lady with blue eyes.’’Hello?’’,I said.All she heard was “Meow’’.  So Obviously we had to go to a different house.  We went in and saw a lady with brown eyes,Brown hair and Sun tan skin.  ”Meow”,I said.Remember “Meow’’ means “Hello’ in Cat language.By the way her name is String.  ”Lets play with her’’,Ginger Laughed.”  She can hear us you know Ginger’’.  String was weird because she could speak cat!.’’Can we get money for this gold?’’.  “Yes here is 100 dollars’’,Said String.  So Marsaw and Ginger finally make all the time machine parts and travel back to year 2015.Marsaws mom came in……………………”Are you lost?’’,She said to Ginger.Guess what Ginger is now my brother.

So as you just heard we had this huge adventure to the La Paz gold Rush in 1862.

The End       By:Thomas Theiler

One thought on “My Arizona Alive! Story

  1. Sidra says:

    Great story

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