Tales by Thom

Everyday stories from a kid's view

Yesterday I went to the lake! I went on the paddle board and sat down. It felt kind of Good! I went on the hot dog and I was pushing people off and we were having a blast. My cousin Elsie pushed me off. The water was freezing! I loved the hotdog. Later I found …

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Yesterday i went in the kitchen and looked to get a apple when I saw the weirdest thing!It was a double banana. It was like they were twin banana’s ! They were combined together and had 1 stem.It was so gross and weird at the same time. We just got it at “Super Nosara.”But I …

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It was just a normal day until i saw ants crawling in the cat food container .Then I looked outside then saw a bunch of ants carrying cat food.It almost looked like a giant spider!so if you see ants in your cat food continer look where the ants at leading to.