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Which Is More Cute?

Which Is More Cute?

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree


I have drawn so many pictures that I can’t even find some of them still. For easter I drew a regular bunny and a CUTE BUNNY.

I can’t decide which Picture is Cuter? In the comments put which picture you think is the CUTEST.Sadly The Peas Died Because an animal ate them :(. But then we planted Tomato’s. We planted them like a week ago and they have grown really fast!! There are 9 tomato’s growing on it so far.We also grew baby watermelons but somehow they did not pop up out of the ground. For the last thing today we cut down the olive tree because it had a disease and we got a “LEMON TREE!”.We had to water it a lot.It’s still a baby Lemon Tree.

One thought on “Drawing Crazy & Tomato’s

  1. tthom2 says:

    Both drawings are good… but the second one is more like a real bunny instead of a cartoon :)! Can’t wait to see lemons on that tree!

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