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2 weeks ago I went to San Francisco and I had a great time! The hotel was great! We walked from the hotel to the bay and we saw Alcatraz, we also took a water taxi around Alcatraz. We also saw a cool ship called  “Kitty kat”. We got really bad pictures of Alcatraz because my dad failed to get his phone out when we went around it! When we were close to the bay Chase drove the boat! We also went to China-Town. We saw lots of cool stuff even one of the fortune tellers. After we started walking out of China-Town we got lost and we walked like 7 miles that day! I had a blast but next time I want to go to San Mateo and go to the Roblox Headquarters!

Alcatraz on water taxi

Alcatraz on water taxi

Chase driving

Chase driving

China Town

China Town


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