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Leaping lizard

Leaping lizard

Today I was in the pool diving. Then my mom said “Thomas come here now”!  She had found a lizard and it was all green and had spots on it. I ran to get a camera to take a picture….next thing you know the lizard was gone!  We searched and searched until I saw it in a bush.  Finally we took a picture then it leaped to a different tree, so after all we got a good picture and saw a cool lizard!

2 thoughts on “Leaping Lizard

  1. Dan and Bernie Kaminski says:

    Hi Tomas, I love reading tales by Thom keep writing them. We hope you are having fun with mom and grama Love & Hugs Grama & Grampa

    1. tthom2 says:

      I hope you like them

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