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Baby turtle

Baby turtle

Today I went to the beach at Ostional to look for turtles. We looked in all the holes on the beach and we still could not find any baby turtles. The vultures were eating all the turtle eggs. So we walked around and scared all the vultures away.  Then there was this guy digging holes to see if any were still alive and……he found some!  There was one turtle that touched me with its flipper and he touched a rock too, so I took the rock to remember him. We watched all the baby turtles go to the shore and drift of to the water. I am glad I got to help protect the turtles!

2 thoughts on “Baby Sea Turtles

  1. Dan and Bernie Kaminski says:

    Thanks for the picture of the turtle, you are a true nature lover. We have a raccoon that comes up on the patio when it is still light out to eat the peanuts that I put out for the squirrels. Wish you could be here to see him. Love Grama

  2. tthom2 says:

    I wish I was in Wisconsin to see you and the cats and the raccoons

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