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On Labor Day weekend I went to Flagstaff and we first went to sunset crater and it was cool because I got to see lava rock and some of the stuff on the lava rock was fungus.That lava rock has been around 10,000 years.And it is sacred of the Sinagua tribe and their pit houses are now buried in the ground.Then we went to see the first pueblo. It was too bad we did not get to go in it but it was pretty fun seeing it too.Their houses were built out of adobe.Then we went to 2 other ones and at another one of them we saw a piece of pottery on the ground but we could not take it with us.Then next one we went to had 3 pueblos and we did not get to go inside of it because it was off a cliff and that would be too dangerous.Then after

Lava fields/sunset crater

Lava fields/sunset crater

all that we went on a trip through the woods and it was awesome and luckily there was not that many mosquitoes. We were supposed to find a ruined cabin but we could not find it. I hope I can go to those places next year.



One thought on “Indian Pueblos

  1. Alexa says:

    Sounds like fun! Did you take pictures???

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