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imageimageimageimageToday I drew a Cat It was not an ordinary cat like some people draw mine was very detailed and shaded in correctly.I was very very happy with my work.I learned how to draw a cat on YouTube.It was really hard and kind of easy at the same time.At first I did not know how to draw my cats face because I could never get my circle right.I had to pause the video lots of times and made sure I had exactly what they drew so it could look good.It turned out really nice and it was a 3D cat.It first looked like it was floating in space but I put a circle around the bottom of the cat.The girl on YouTube that showed was ART – ALA – CARTE.I will show you a picture here. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheARTalaCARTE

3 thoughts on “My Learning on How to Draw a Cat

  1. Alexa says:

    Great job Thomas!

  2. Dan and Bernie Kaminski says:

    Thanks Thomas for the drawing of the cat, It would be nice if you could send me a picture of the one that you drew. I WOULD HANG IT IN MY KITCHEN. Miss you, I always enjoy your e-mails Love & Hugs Gram We have no snow as yet.

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