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On June 2014 I went to Costa Rica.But I am not there right now!So in this blog I am going to show you some of the things I forgot to post. The ZOO (Minnesota) Right after I went to Costa Rica I went to Minnesota. We went to this really big zoo! And we got to touch goats and cows and all sorts of other farm animals.It was so fun. There was these goats that were really really nice and I got to feed them and they were also friendly with Chase. Most of all the big part of the trip was The Parakeets in a big big like chicken coop wired room. So we got to go inside and they all ran away but when we purchased some food on the stick they all came flying everywhere and my toes were like being bitten off because the birds kept nibbling on them about a minute in there about my whole stick of food was gone! After that we saw camels and lions and raccoon’s in trees. It was so fun!

That is all the birds on the stick

That is all the birds on the stick

Friendly Goat

Friendly Goats

That's my bird

That’s my bird and all the other birds nibbling on my toes

Things I did in (Costa Rica) In June 4,2014 I went to Costa Rica.I went to Bella Vista Mar Hotel and saw huge bugs and went to see baby sea turtles and met horses. We always,always used to go to Cafe de Paris (cafe dei parieee). While I was in Costa RIca I found this interesting bug. It kind of looked like a caterpillar, but I don’t think it was. We also saw some horses when we were driving to a store named Super Nosara. Nosara is a small town in Costa Rica. There is also a dog named  Kayia she is always really nice and kind. She is a really good dog. She is my grandma’s dog. I love Costa Rica.


kaiya and me






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