Tales by Thom

Everyday stories from a kid's view

Earthquake Data

Today there was an Earthquake and I was just sitting on the bed and the whole room started shaking, It was the first time I’ve ever felt an Earthquake because In Arizona the Earthquakes are so little you can’t even feel them! So I’ve decided to interview my family because I was in a different room then them!

Question #1 – Did you feel the Earthquake?
Mom: Yes…
Dad: Yes…

Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

Question #2 – Was it scary?
Mom: No…Dad: It was very strange!
Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

Question #3 – What did you think?
Mom: The wall shook!
Dad: I did not know it was an Earthquake!
Brother/Chase: What Earthquake??

What would you do in Earthquake?

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