Tales by Thom

Everyday stories from a kid's view

Yesterday I went to the Boca (means river mouth), with my dad and grandma searching for drift wood. We actually found some good pieces! We all thought, “We should cross that river to get more driftwood”, because there was a lot of drift wood on the beach! We found a perfect spot to cross and it was very hard because the river was pitch black and we could not see a thing! So, we each got a long stick and put the stick ahead of us so we would not fall into a hole! When we got to the middle of the river it started to get deep so we got a little bit wet!

Then we went further and there were all of these slippery mossy rocks and my dad slipped and fell in dunking his new iPhone 6 in the water.He managed to get back up but he had to go back! Grandma and I were kind of committed to cross because we were almost on the other side! Once we got there, we looked around and picked up some drift wood – but not that much, we were bummed because there weren’t that many good pieces.

Then…we both asked ourselves, “How are we going to get back to the other side??”. We looked and looked for a spot to cross, and we saw a fisherman cross but the water came up to his armpits so we couldn’t go there. Instead we just went the same way back and I’ve got to admit it was very scary but I focused on going slow and made it – even though I got wet!!

iphoneWhen we got back, my dad’s phone was like a piece of burning coal, It was super hot!, I thought it was going to explode but It didn’t. When we got back to the hotel we put it in dry rice and it did cool it off. However, it doesn’t turn on anymore. It is gone forever. Good thing my mom didn’t cancel the insurance on it!

So that’s my whole story of how my dad’s Iphone died!

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