Tales by Thom

Everyday stories from a kid's view


photo by Victor – Nosara

All day it was sunny but my mom kept saying there was an 80% chance of rain. We didn’t believe her. We had a good day, went to the beach, swam in the pool, had a good dinner that my dad made, played Uno and went to our rooms to watch movies! About 10 minutes later we heard the sound of rain on the tin roof. We thought “oh that’s not that bad”, then BOOM!! all this rain started pouring down and there was 5 lightning strikes per second!!!


photo by Fernando Edwards Carcamo – Nosara

Also if you did not know 15 seconds after a lightning strike comes thunder! So it was LOUD! The curtain was blowing and all you could see was blinding light out side the window! I was so scared! Then the thunder stopped and I thought “I think it is going away!”, but no!!!     BBBOOOOMMM!!!!
All of this thunder came down from the sky and I had to get to a different bed because my bed was close to the window! But after a while, like 3 hours it stopped and we all went to sleep but there was still some rain!

The next morning I woke up to go eat breakfast and can you even believe it the sidewalk and ground was covered in leaves, all the furniture was wet and so was the floor of the terrace. It was a real mess, but the sun was shining again. That was the worst storm ever that I’ve experienced in Costa Rica!

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